Law & Regulations

Law - Arabic
Insurance Law No11 of 2013
Executive Council Resolution No. 7 of 2016
UAE Law for Narcotic, Controlled and Semi Controlled Drugs 2016
Executive Council Resolution No 1 of 2018 – Ambulance Service Fees
Executive Council Resolution No 2 of 2016
Law - English
Regulations - Arabic
Regulations - English
Guidelines and Standards
ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes - 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Consensus Clinical Recommendations for the Management of Plasma Lipid Disorders in the Middle East
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)_Questionnaire – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Rhinoplasty – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Blepharitis – 2017
Dubai Standards of Care for Septoplasty - 2017
MOHAP Guidelines for Breast cancer Screening
MOHAP Guidelines For Colorectal Cancer Screening
MOHAP Guidelines For Cervical Cancer Screening
Dubai Standards of Care for the Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults
Dubai Standards of Care - Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dubai Standards of Care – National Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening
Dubai Standards of Care – Management of Vitamin D Deficiency
Dubai Standards of Care for Dental Billing Rules - 2018
Policy Directives
PD 01-2014 Complaints handling (rev 1)
PD 02-2014 Compliance with minimum benefits
PD 03-2014 Healthcare Provider Pricing
PD 01-2015 Maternity coverage
PD 02-2015 Top-up policies
PD 01-2017 Medical Facilities for Hatta Population
PD 02-2017 Emergency Definition
PD 01-2018 Patient’s treated or transferred by Ambulance
General Circulars
GC 01-2014 Communication protocols
GC 02-2014 Self-funded and EBP compliance
GC 03-2014 Employer Information Pack
GC 04-2014 TPA activities
GC 05-2014 Enforcement of fines and penalties
GC 01-2015 Antenatal care protocols
GC 02-2015 Patient drug safety checks
GC 05-2015 HIP status results 2015
GC 06-2015 Enforcement of the Law through Visa applications
GC 07-2015 Communication protocols
GC 04-2015 Online health insurance - Project Full Sweep EoI
GC 08-2015 HIP status results 2015
GC 09-2015 Coding Standards
GC 10-2015 PI applications and renewals for 2016
GC 01-2016 HIIP status of intermediaries
GC 02-2016 Internal Coding Elimination and Coding Standards in eClaimLink
GC 02-2016 Special Needs Members
GC 03-2016 Marketing or Advertising Medical Insurance
GC 04-2016 Mandatory Insurance Deadline
GC 05-2016 HIIP status of intermediaries
GC 06-2016 Member Register
GC 07-2016 The eClaimLink eAuthorization Initiative
GC 08-2016 Mandatory Member Information and Final Deadline
GC 09-2016 Premium Refunds
GC 01-2017 Member Register Validation with GDRFAD
GC 02-2017 Member Register Failed Uploads
GC 03-2017 DRG Implementation – Phase II of Shadow Billing
GC 04-2017 Violation of Standards Notice 01 of 2017 and its consequences
GC 05-2017 General updates and clarification of frequent misinterpretations
GC 01-2018 DRG Implementation – Phase II of Shadow Billing
GC 02-2018 Collection of DRG Negotiation Factors
GC 03-2018 The eAuthorization Initiative – Update
GC 04-2018 The ePrescription Initiative – Update
GC 05-2018 Updating eClaimLink User Details
GC 06-2018 Denial Code Updates
GC 07-2018 DRG Implementation – Exempted Hospitals
Standards' Notices
SN 01-2014 Facilitation agreements
SN 01-2015 Single Point of Contact
SN 02-2015 Standards for health insurance intermediaries
SN 03-2015 Standardised claims records
SN 04-2015 Marketing standards
SN 01-2017 Intermediary Remuneration on LSB products
Procedural Notices
PN 01-2014 PI 2015 submissions
PN 03-2014 Provider price regulation
PN 02-2014 Health insurance certificates
PN 04-2014 PI renewal for 2015
PN 05-2014 Registration of health insurance intermediaries and their representatives
PN 01-2015 HIP applications 2015
PN 02-2015 v1.4 Fraud, waste and abuse return
PN 03-2015 Price Regulation
PN 01-2016 v1.1 Health coverage certificates
PN 02-2016 Price Regulation for 2017
PN 03-2016 PI Status Submissions for 2017
PN 04-2016 PI Status Renewal Submissions for 2017
PN 01-2017 Member Register uploads
Enforcement Bulletins
EB 01-2015 Health Insurance Law Enforcement Measures
EB 01-2017 Notice of Suspension of HIIPs
EB 02-2017 Notice of Suspension of HIIPs (To Replace EB 01-2017)
Archive of Older Documents
PD 01-2014 Complaints handling
GC 03-2015 Registration of health insurance intermediaries (rev 1)