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UAE nationals shall receive insurance cards to replace those of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to cover healthcare services and preventive care. These services shall include all current services provided by DHA and various private healthcare providers.

Implementing the healthcare insurance coverage will start gradually in 2014 to be rolled out in phases. Insurance coverage shall take into consideration the healthcare needs of the nationals to ensure access to quality healthcare and real time quality services. This comprehensive integrated system, which is in line with international best practices, will serve as a monitoring and supervising tool for DHA. The Nationals’ Program shall also cover nationals working in the private sector giving them the flexibility of choosing to join the Nationals’ scheme or take advantage of their employers’ insurance coverage package.


The health insurance law sets forth the employers’ responsibility to secure insurance to cover residents’ basic healthcare needs. Depending on the contractual agreement between employer and employee, the employer may offer enhanced insurance coverage.

These packages shall be provided through licensed insurance companies operating in the Emirate and shall be monitored by the DHA.

DHA encourages employers to provide health insurance packages for the employee and members of his or her family. In case the employer does not provide insurance coverage for the employees’ family members, DHA will ensure the availability of suitable and affordable packages in the health insurance marketplace.


The goal is that all Visitors coming to the Emirate shall have valid medical insurance coverage to cover at least accident and emergency expenses. Roll out details will be communicated in the coming months.


Employers shall provide their employees with health insurance coverage as per the applicable health insurance law in the Emirate. Employers can obtain appropriate insurance coverage from any of the licensed health insurance companies operating in the Emirate. Employers can choose insurance packages that fit their companies based on the size, nature of work and number of employees. Affordable packages will be available for employers.

Roll-out of the law will be over three phases for all companies operating in the Emirate, depending on the size and the type of business. Kindly register on the link below to receive updates about how this applies to your company. Adequate time will be allowed for companies to comply with the law.

Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

All insurance companies and TPAs who wish to offer health insurance services in the Emirate of Dubai must hold a permit to do so by 1st January 2014.  The requirements were communicated on 25th August and the online application system went live on 1st October.  Insurance companies and TPAs have already started registering with the DHA to obtain their DHA Health Insurance Permit (HIP). This process will facilitate the provision of a variety of quality health insurance packages for employers and sponsors that meet their needs and are compatible with the mandate.

Healthcare Providers

Care to the insured population in the Emirate will be provided by Private and Public healthcare providers in line with the mandate. All providers must be registered on eClaimLink and submit their healthcare related transactions through the Dubai Health Post Office (DHPO). The Health Insurance Dubai model will employ a number of tools to ensure high quality services through transparent performance indicators that measure service levels and the quality of care provided to patients.